Song Writer


Song Writing

I come from a family where music is in our veins. My granddad ‘Ted Knox’ was said to be able to create music out of anything he picked up.

I played in bands from high school “Sonic Pigs” and “Sugar Spun Sister” (haha funny names) and throughout University “Cherry Pop Tarts” renamed “The Pop Tarts” and “Pottersfield”.

I then went onto, and still occasionally play solo acoustic gigs. I play the guitar, bass, didgeridoo, drums and sing.

Pottersfield’s song “Motorcycle” was number 17 in the Brisbane radio station “ZZZ’s Hottest 100”. My Song “Proud” is on the Australian Training Authority’s training DVD.

I enjoyed writing the “Silly Birds and Kookoo Kookaburra —promos” and played all instruments and sang. A huge thanks to Mal for recording them.

This one is used as you read Kookoo Kookaburra, read a page and press play, as the music pauses – press pause on Youtube and then read the next page. Keep doing this as you read each page of the book – otherwise it won’t make sense.

Stay tuned for some upcoming books that have songs included 🙂